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How to distinguish between two different material rod


Carbon material, conductive glass, steel rod is insulation. Two kinds of materials have a significant difference in weight, compared to the same length, the same fishing rod, carbon rod of the weight to be lighter and more. In general, the carbon rod weight only 100 grams of 3.6 meters. At present, some 3.6 m fishing rod only seventygrams. A fishing rod tonal tonal refers to the degree of soft rod, when the fishing rod to withstand the weight of theinevitable hard rod bending, bending low, soft rod bending is relatively large. Hard elastic rod as soft rod, rod, the consumption of energy absorption effect is relatively low, so the need to use the relatively coarse fishing line, you can put the fish out of the water in a relatively short period of time, say a dialect is a simple of factors existing in a certain degree. Soft rod can fully overcome the fish explosive force, perfect consumption and energy absorption of fish, but it also has a problem, that is because of the rod is very soft, control fish activities require relatively largearea, and it took a long time to put the power consumed fish, so, in the game should avoid the use of soft rod