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Types of fishing rod material


Fishing rod for rods and sea rods 2. Rod length, generally between 3.6--7.2, also has a short rod is 2.5 meters,commonly used in fishing or in large fishing. Made of bamboo, glass steel, carbon steel, Jiang Wei and other materials. In order to carry and storage convenience, very early in the morning people know how to make multi section rod tip, by successive down more than one section of a section of rough, inserted into each other. The number of day length and material selection range, some of each section of 80--110 cm, a total of 4-5. Every 60--80 cm long section alone. No details into the details, only the last two. 50 years ago, the best is the double rodmade in Japan with Jiang Wei. The later invention of glass steel, and then the invention of carbon steel, lightweight and durable, the festival changed according to the thickness of sets with each other, with out from inside to outside, very convenient. Insert made of aluminum, lighter in weight.

In contrast, glass steel lighter than steel. Better toughness, as is currently the most advanced materials. But care must be taken not to use it under high voltage power lines or thunderstorms, because of its stronger conductive performance.