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Should pay attention to the cleaning rod


Rod cleaning should pay attention to the following points:

1, to prevent the coating blistering

There are stains rod placed in sealed state, because the internal moisture caused by coating the surface of theprotrusion, is bubbling. In order to prevent foaming, please use the water will dry and ventilated place, dry in the shade, let the water evaporation.

2, prevent rust

There are stains is not clean, will cause the plating surface, the other surface treatment of metal surface corrosionand natural color and caused the tail cover at the side. In order to prevent this phenomenon, the rod fully wiped clean.

Do not place a long time car tail box. The long-term high temperature hermetic condition is bad the fishing rod

3, cleaning the matters needing attention

Absolutely can not use the cleaning brush, polishing powder, gasoline and water that day, it will hurt even coatingmaterial. Cleaning of water should be used when alkaline water after washing with clean water, use water washingother then wipe.

When used on the market sell cleaner and wax also need to pay special attention to. Because of the different types of the fishing rod, maybe some can cause injury of coating surface damage