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Winter fishing out in front of four words


1, optional elements: avoid cold to warm

When the fish is a key factor, we should choose good fishing weather and time. Winter fishing season of spring and summer and similar, without any. Based on past experience, a sunshine day and high temperature, the weather is good, in addition to change before the abnormal days (the first day of rain before) the effect is also good. The author of the nine habits: sunlight sunny morning, at four thirty in the afternoon the team. Because of the morning air pollution, low temperature, humidity on the human body harm; and four in the afternoon, with theweakening of sunshine, the temperature drop, make the person is easy to catch cold sick. Therefore, can not becaught, even risking the keep, it may not be a good harvest. Since then, the fish because of their variable temperature to fish from shallow to deep water has.

2, optional elements: the shallow near the grass

Choice of fishing is also a key factor in low water period, gradually into the decline of water level, temperature islower, the water stopped breeding plankton, the water is clear and transparent, hiding in the period of the brightwater fish lack a sense of security, there is a need to identify the grass and environmental barriers to hide the body, avoid predators and humans and damage the;

Second, where there is grass can weaken the strong light stimulation, with fish to avoid strong light, weak light,temperature and habits, coupled with the summer winter grass is not so dense, has begun to decline has good air permeability, even the fish in water, will not feel bored; the actual situation is reduced from winter temperature, fishalthough there are close to the shore foraging behavior of desire, but also to ensure the safety of the instinct, in the absence of water conditions, security can not be guaranteed when the fish don't step aside;

Third, the winter sunshine still strong, there are certain temperature, temperature changes lead to the floating fish,the fish is more close to the water, so that a more direct observation for the Bank of the movement, the fishing rodand shaking and birds flying over the sky of the sky dancing figure, due to the lack of good shielding will be exposed in the fish eye, have a great impact on the fishing. Therefore, the winter fishing or aquatic or aquatic plants in a near optimal. At the same time, but also the choice of the water area is small, shallow place.

3, choose the Fishy Flavor bait elements: both

The winter because of the temperature, the appetite for fish activity weakened nest time is relatively long, and other unknown reasons, need to wait for more time, this line should have enough psychological preparation anddetermination to wait patiently. After the position, to have the patience to wait for the fossa and to have foresightidea, might as well in the nest when much time playing position, to avoid the first position without fish, remembered to fill the pit. It's a waste of baits and the time delay. In addition, when fishing for shallow position, do not move back and forth, or a great sound. Cause and effect of harvesting the adverse environmental factors. For the bait may wish to prepare some, because the number of winter fishing with bait fish found greatly. Winter fishing the most remarkable characteristic is that the temperature is low, the fish can not be the same with other active foragingseason. Bait must be consistent with the feeding habits of fish. Although the bait is not completely right, but at leastcan basically meet the requirements of winter fishing. As the saying goes: "spring, summer, winter sweet meat," thebasic requirements, to do some articles in the fishing bait. We should not only pay attention to the bait physical performance, but also pay attention to the chemical properties, due to the habits of the fish to fish for bait, in winterthe flavor of little interest and preference Fishy Flavor bait, bait or bait so it is, there must be some odor, can stimulate the appetite for fish. With the past practice, winter fishing bait, bait used stroke effect is better, especiallyinsects, earthworms, insects are the first choice of white. Secondly, attention should also be paid to the palatability of the bait, in using merchandise bait bait must be soft, to be small, the viscosity should be moderate, only in this way, in order to meet the characteristics of winter fishing bait.

4, thin wire hooks, fishing and

"Thin soft pole fishing carp is a grain of truth. Winter fishing rod can be used long poles, light pole. Winter fishing is restricted by temperature, no matter what the fish are small opening, especially the main object of the crucian carp,the opening is smaller, and the line under the conditions of low temperature, easy to harden and storage for many reasons, easily affect the signal, so the winter fishing fishing group must configure the thread hooks light fishing rod, most avoid is used thick line hook. Or it could cause performance is severely compromised.

Winter also exist difference, fish is a cold-blooded animal, has obvious temperature behavior, although we do not know the precise scope of optimum temperature, but we can feel and judge the fish in the water swimming levelchanges in fishing practices in the past. Thus, the fish is uncertain in swimming water, subject to temperaturesunshine wind pressure and other factors change. Therefore, we in the bait not water is fixed at one point in the water, but will live bait, because only in the case of death of live bait, bait fish can appear in sight, the fish can be found. Especially the temperature changes, the temperature difference is big, the fish are susceptible totemperature effects or bottom half floating floating, floating head of fish as bait, and is in the bottom, even in the right bait is useless. Almost every year the winter fishing, but no one on the hook bait fixed under the water from time to time to catch fish. And other traditional fishing master communication, we all think dead bait live diligenthook is the core technology of winter fishing, frequently is the only guarantee the hook fishing. Jane